Printable Calendar 2019

consistent with this correlation, the katun thirteen Ahau this is stated to have ended shortly before the inspiration of Mérida, Yucatán, ended on November 14, 1539, by using the Gregorian calendar, and it turned into the lengthy depend katun 13 Ahau eight Xul. some assessments of archaeological cloth via the carbon-14 relationship method corroborate this correlation; however effects are not sufficiently uniform to resolve all doubts, and a few archaeologists could prefer to location the muse of Mérida within the neighbourhood of within the Mayan count number.107 Correlations based on astronomical information thus far have been in warfare with ancient evidence, and none has received a large diploma of popularity. The basic elements of the Mayan calendar have little to do with astronomy. A lunar matter turned into, however, covered in a Supplementary collection appended to preliminary-collection dates.august-10

The collection consists of hieroglyphs labelled Glyphs G, F, E or D, C, B, and A, and a various range of others. Glyph G modifications its form daily, making a spherical of nine days, in all likelihood similar to the nine gods of the night hours or Mexican Lords of the night. Glyph F is closely related to Glyph Gand does no longer vary.september-1


Glyphs E and D have numerical coefficients that supply the age of the current Moon inside an error of  or three days; Glyph Cplaces it in a lunar half of yr; and Glyph A shows whether or not it’s miles made up of 29 or 30 days.october-blank-calendar

The which means of Glyph B is unknown. There are discrepancies within the lunar records from special web sites, but at some point of a length of approximately 80 years, referred to as the duration of Uniformity, a general device of grouping six alternating 29- and 30-day moons became used everywhere.november-2019

on occasion included with the Supplementary series is a date marking the realization of an 819-day cycle quickly before the date of preliminary collection. The number of days in this cycle is obtained by multiplying collectively 13, nine, and seven, all very good sized numbers in Mayan mythology.december-2019

it has been recommended that positive other dates, referred to as determinants, suggest with a excellent diploma of accuracy how far the 365-day yr had diverged from the solar year due to the fact the start of the long be counted, however this speculation is wondered with the aid of some pupils.

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