Calendar 2019

The calendar Aztec yr of three hundred and sixty five days become also just like the year of the Maya, though in all likelihood not synchronous with it. It had 18 named months of 20 days each and an extra 5 days, referred to as nemontemi, which have been considered to be very unlucky. though a few colonial historians point out using intercalary days, in Aztec annals there may be no indication of a correction within the duration of the year.july-1.png

The years were named after days that fall at intervals of 12 months, and maximum students consider that nowadays held a fixed role within the yr, though there appears to be some disagreement as to whether this function changed into the primary day, the remaining day of the first month, or the ultimate day of the final month. in view that 20 and 365 are both divisible by using five, handiest four day names—Acatl (Reed), Tecpatl (Flint), Calli (residence), and Tochtli (Rabbit)—discern inside the names of the 52 years that form a cycle with the tonalpohualli. The cycle starts with a year 2 Reed and ends with a yr 1 Rabbit, which changed into appeared as a risky yr of terrible omen.august-2019-5.png

at the give up of this kind of cycle, all household utensils and idols have been discarded and changed by way of new ones, temples were renovated, and human sacrifice changed into supplied to the sun at the hours of darkness on a mountaintop as human beings awaited a new sunrise.seeee

The 12 months served to restoration the time of gala’s, which occurred at the stop of each month. the new 12 months became celebrated by way of the making of a new fire, and a extra complex ceremony become held every four years, when the cycle had run through the four day names. each eight years became celebrated the coincidence of the 12 months with the 584-day length of the planet Venus, and  fifty two-year cycles formed “One old Age,” when the day cycle, the year, and the length of Venus all came collectively. october-1-1.png

a majority of these periods were noted additionally by way of the Maya. in which the Aztecs differed most significantly from the Maya changed into in their extra primitive wide variety system and in their much less particular way of recording dates. typically, they noted most effective the day on which an event befell and the name of the modern-day year.november-2019.png

that is ambiguous for the reason that same day, as designated within the manner mentioned above, can occur two times in a year. furthermore, years of the identical call recur at fifty two-yr periods, and Spanish colonial annals regularly disagree as to the length of time among two occasions.112


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