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The free content calendar template civil yr (etos) became similarly dissociated from the natural year (eniautos). It became the tenure time period of an respectable or priest, kind of corresponding to the lunar yr, or to 6 months; it gave his name to his term. In Athens, for example, the year started on Hecatombaion 1, roughly midsummer, while the brand new archon entered his office, and the yr changed into designated by way of his call—e.g., “when Callimedes changed into archon,” or 360–359 BCE. there has been no New yr’s pageant.107because the archon’s year was of indefinite and unpredictable period, the Athenian management for accounting, for the dates of popular assemblies, and so forth used turns of office of the sections (prytanies) of the Council (Boule), which each had fixed duration in the 12 months. The common citizen used, at the side of the civil months, the seasonal time reckoning based totally on the direct remark of the Moon’s levels and on the advent and setting of constant stars.august-10.png

A device (referred to as a parapēgma) with movable pegs indicated the approximate correspondence among, for instance, the rising of the celebrity Arcturus and the civil date. After Alexander’s conquest of the Persian empire, the Macedonian calendar came to be broadly used by the Greeks within the East, although in Egypt it changed into supplanted by means of the Egyptian year at the cease of the third century BCE.september-1.png

The Seleucids, from the start, tailored the Macedonian year to the Babylonian 19-year cycle (see above Babylonian calendars). but, Greek towns clung to their arbitrary machine of time reckoning even after the introduction of the Julian calendar all through the Roman Empire. As past due as about two hundred CE, they used the antiquated octaëteris (see above complex cycles).october-blank-calendar

Months, days, seasonsnovember-2019.png

The Athenian months have been called Hecatombaion (in midsummer), Metageitnion, Boedromion, Pyanopsion, Maimacterion, Poseideion, Gamelion, Anthesterion, Elaphebolion, Mounychion, Thargelion, and Scirophorion. the placement of the intercalary month various. every month, in principle, consisted of 30 days, however in more or less six months the subsequent to remaining day, the 29th, become overlooked.december-2019.png

the days were numbered inside each of the three decades of the month. thus, for instance, Hecatombaion sixteenth become referred to as “6th after the 10th of Hecatombaion.” The Macedonian months were Dios (in fall), Apellaios, Audynaios, Peritios, Dystros, Xanthicos, Artemisios, Daisios, Panemos, loos, Gorpiaios, and Hyperberetaios. inside the Seleucid calendar, Dios turned into diagnosed with the Babylonian Tashritu, Apellaios with Arakhsamna, and so forth.


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